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Welcome to Drum Runners

A creative and co-ordinated community

About Paul

Drum Runners was launched by Paul Midgley in 1995 and from the humble beginnings of a drum circle grew many community events, educational workshops and large scale festivals.

Paul Midgley has over 25 years  experience as a full-time Music Workshop Facilitator.  Paul is an NLP Practitioner and a Mentor that supports creative wellbeing with a local council.

Paul is both a rhythmologist and a specialist in helping people be prepared for business and life. Paul brings together skills he has learnt at family gatherings and logistical skills he has learnt at corporate level (Paul once had the opportunity to present a report to Sony's Co-Founder Akio Morita-San).

+ Enhanced DBS & PLI
+ A legend in my own lunch-time (follow the stories to find out why)

Why You Should Join Drum Runners

No more noisy un-synchronised social media feeds. You have joined a network that is focussed on developing creative skills through a common purpose of creative learning and finding a new rhythm in life. We do this to develop social skills and resources in the communities both online and in real life with local educational workshops and performances. 

>> It's more than drumming! Join us to learn more about the wellbeing benefits, the physical exercise and the educational benefits of being creative and the lateral links with science, maths and language (to name a few). If you really want Drum Runners to take you on a short sprint or even a longer marathon of discovery then get ready to take the next step. This is much more than hitting a drum, but that too is equally valued and that can be your only reason to join.

A Big Thanks

By taking part with Drum Runners at your pace you will have added a huge energy to support both yourself and others to run a more creative life. Together we can run with this >>>

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